Daniel Popper, a South African artist living in Cape Town, is well-known around the world
for his larger-than-life installation sculptures, which play an important role in raising the
human spirit. Now when the world is surrounded by so much negativity, art may be the only way
out. Music, theater, cinema, and performance art are all forms of art that have the capacity to
reach people’s hearts. Popper was first interested in still life sketching and oil painting, but
the beauty of outdoor sculpture drew him in and he made it his vocation.

Daniel Popper’s sculptures appear meditational and transcendental in character. Nature, family, and the people around him inspire him. Daniel has built installations for Modern Festival Croatia and the Electric Forest Festival in the United States, and he has five new artworks on display at Morton Arboretum in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked in the fields of interactive art, public art, stage design, installation art, and interior design. Daniel Popper’s gorgeous and inventive outdoor art pieces are featured here for your enjoyment.

Outdoor sculpture by daniel popper
“Sentient,” 18 feet

“Heartwood,” 15.5 feet

“UMI,” 20.5 feet

“Hallow,” 26 feet

Thrive,” which represents women’s empowerment, 

“ANIMA”, Electric Daisy Carnival 2019, EDC Las Vegas, 7m high.

Daniel is most known for his large-scale public art installations at major festivals such as the Electric Forest festival in the United States, the Boom Festival in Portugal, the Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, and Afrikaburn in the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa.

Daniel’s work relies heavily on collaboration. Many of his projects involve partnerships with other artists, technicians, and artisans who assist bring Daniel’s vision to life by including electronic music, LED lighting, and projection mapping as crucial components. Daniel makes both temporary and permanent public art. Many of his initiatives combine art, sculpture, and marketing activation.

The “ANIMA” with light

“Spirit Warrior”


“Modem Swamp”

He has worked for a variety of companies, including Baby Soft, G-Star Raw, Cape Town’s Era Nightclub, and the Africa Cup of Nations.

Daniel considers how people react to an installation or sculpture to be the most important metric for determining whether or not a work is successful. This, along with the magnitude and sheer ambition of his projects, has inspired him to engage with a plethora of other artists and tech experts, frequently including electronic music, LED, and projection mapping as important components. So, what began as a creative passion project at the inaugural Afrikaburn has evolved into a full-time career.


Emergence, a 12-meter-tall piece comprised of wood, steel, rope work, and vegetation, was built in 2018 for the Boom Festival in Idanha Nova, Portugal. The inside included a foliage chandelier with beautiful ferns and woodland greens erupting from the heart. The outside was kept in the raw organic hue of the lumber and found rope work.

The “Ven a la Luz” sculpture is a 33-foot (10 meters) tall artwork

“Wooden Deities”

“Boom Shaman”

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Daniel Popper’s incredible installations too.

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Website: www.danielpopper.com

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