How to get universal energy?

When considering the universe, the earth we are living in is unimaginably small. By this, it is understood that the earth we are living in has drowned in this huge universe. So there’re lots of unexpected energies hidden there. Those energies come non-stop towards our planet every day and also they affect both good and bad to the man included other all living beings. Your responsibility is to grasping the energies come this way through both good and bad way. Simply it is a task assigned to your subconscious.

These energies are more powerful than you think

These energies are more powerful than you think. There’re so many good examples in the modern world that can be identified how we can control our subconscious after a proper understanding of the way of it.

Universel energies that come from deep Universe

Let’s see the world with a lite mind

The basic quality that you needed is getting your hands in control of your lite mind. It is confirmed by the older books that our ancestors of the past have used these ways correctly.
How to grasp these energies precisely, through our site we’re trying to give something different from how to control your subconscious to some extent.

Nature, past people, and Universal energy

When we are studying nature for a moment we can see many shreds of evidence to know how nature is adapted to grasp universal energy. The trees, mountains, rivers, oceans are kindly helpful to beautify the whole nature but you’ll be noticed that you have studied never before on it. One day we’ll be surely cleared that all the things that seem to be known as the tips for redemption us from this physical world.

Triangle shape Trees

A brief overview of how to guide the universe by nature

Have you seen before that the leaves of plants in our nature have a spiky or triangular nature on their lower part or around part..? And also when we consider about the animal world, we can see most of the animals have a horn deck. They are being strengthened because they are gaining more universal energy than other animals. Do you think that these activities have been had randomly? If so remember that’s the completely wrong conclusion.

Egypt Pyramid

Thus the nature has created these things to grasp universal energies properly.
And you have seen Egyptian pyramids before. It is proved that in old days, Egyptians has been dealt with the universe and has created amazing creations. Just now you want to have an idea of why they built these pyramids with a triangular shape. It is because the fact they wanted to deal with the universe.

law of attraction
The Ruwanweli Maha Seya, also known as the Mahathupa (the Great Thupa)

And so on, the people who lived in Asian countries with included Sri Lanka have built up massive Dagobas and Chaityas. Their top part was also created likely as according to a spiky and triangular nature to gain the universal energy properly. These are only a few of them. There’re so many creations like as I mentioned above are on the earth. The responsibility of understanding after study is given to you.

How we can grasp universal energy?

After you read the previous headline, I think you are solidly understood that what’re the needed factors for grasping universal energy and behaviors.
According to Buddhist philosophy, these different activities and uncommon meditations have been used by our ancestors a long time early. By following these meditation ways you can gain control of your subconscious towards your side and afterward by handling your mind as you want and can attract to your side very well.

There’re few requirements we have to fulfill.

For this, there’re few requirements we have to fulfill. They are placing and adapting our bodies. Then by following some setup we can calm our mind a little bit. Through the above-mentioned ways, the best way is to follow a meditation way properly. Practicing this way thus for a long time, it is led the way to reach your hopeful goals as soon as possible.

Sit like triangle and Meditate

First, you think that you want to buy a luxury motor car. In that time you fill ( I can’t, it is inconvenient to do, I have no such amount of money ) your subconscious with some negative attitudes like these. Then subconscious releases all these negative waves to the universe. The universe which grasps all the waves also releases you the same negative outputs. By attracting negative waves towards you, it leads to generate negative attitudes in your mind.

If this happens continually, it is sure that you can’t reach your targets. We will meet at the next article to find out about such interesting and valuable facts.

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