Actually, why do we live?

What life is?

Do you have a life too?

As soon as you heard this, you might think of different kinds of ideas, arguments, or opposites of conflicts of thoughts. You may be reading this article thinking that you’re already a successful or unsuccessful one. But, do you know there’s a different person you’re in more than you think. And do you know that the person should be awakened? You can be understood it by this article.

With considering positive thoughts, who am I ?

Among the modern people, most of the people don’t know but a few ones know about this science and typically it is referred to as the Law of Attraction.

01. Do you think that you were a correct replier when was answered the questions about what life is?

02. Why do we live?

03. Do you already know who you’re?

04. If you already think you’re an unsuccessful individual and why do you think so?

05. If you think you’re a successful person, how reasonable is it to think so?

Think, if you’re already an unsuccessful man in your mind, your family, your society or if you think so, if all the works started fails, and if you lose wherever you go, I tell you it’s your turning point. You change like this from today. You’re the only person who can change all this.

How Can I do it? by your subconscious.

The only factor that can win you over is your subconscious. The only and best example you can give is Gautama Buddha preached that ‘Chetanahan Bhikkhu Khamman Wadami’. That is what it means karma happens according to your intention. That is, when you think of something, it will have the same effect as you think.

This is the philosophy followed by successful people and billionaires living in the world today. Developing one’s mind and pursuing one’s purpose in life. It means working hard for it. These people have a strong and determined mindset about the goals they will achieve in the future.

They didn’t become very successful because of their special abilities. It is because they take control of their subconscious mind, connect with the universe, remove all negative thoughts with positive thinking, and clearly understand what purpose is.

How does the law of attraction works?

What we think is what our subconscious mind accepts and those things are released into this universe by our subconscious mind, then we start getting those things. When we release negative ideas into the universe we start to get really bad things. When we release positive thoughts into the universe we start to get positive things. According to many scholars, the universe is an amazing force.

So think about it, except for the asteroids you see and some physical objects, the universe is the space around us. This is the place where all the energies of this world are contained. It is these energies that control all life on earth. Of all the animals, the most advanced-minded are the human race. So we have a special ability to grasp universal energy. That’s the mind (subconscious).

Our subconscious mind can deal with the universe. Awaken the subconscious mind from positive thoughts. Once you make this difference, you will gradually realize that you’re moving towards your achievements and you will see the same things. I’m enjoyed this and enjoying this still right now. Not just because I say it here, but because you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s a good idea, experience it. If you’re always in a state of sadness, frustration, rejection, fear, and that is all your subconscious mind accepts. The result is the same. Instead, ‘Yes I can’ see you reading this sentence all day. Take a piece of paper and write 10 sentences a day. Look at that and start dreaming.

Make a plan to win the things you dream of. Always think that you have got what you dream of and enjoy it often. You will feel your life from that day on. we know that instead of thanking most of our people for these things, they do it out of jealousy, hatred, anger, revenge. Did you know that these thoughts include bad waves? They join the universe and try to get you back, but because of your bad thoughts, you get these energies in a bad way. So, bad and negative things happen in your life. All this is done by your subconscious mind. Instead, when you begin to thank those who have rejected you and hurt you, those good thoughts contain good rays, you give to the universe and then begin to give you back the good things that were doubled and tripled.


Because your mind is pure. Try this. You will see new paths, you will prefer to live, and you will start to think of doing something for yourself.

How do we unite with the universe?

Our people have two fools. That is fear and sorrow. Many people make it a habit to oscillate between these two emotions. If you want something, you have to start believing in it. It has to be a constant thought in our subconscious. However, if there is any fear or doubt, no matter how confident you’re, you won’t get your victory. It will be too late. The reason is that you are oscillating between two subconscious thoughts.

Universal energy or the universe attracts you by saying that you are in fear and sorrow about what you want. Then the consequences are often the same as the negative consequences.

 So what do we do?

We need to believe exactly what we want without any fear or doubt and you will get it. If you still think you’re a very successful person, I’m not saying you’ve just woken up. You can win more things. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going. The difference here is that you will be able to enjoy it.

At the time of writing this article, I’m a person who has been suffering from anxiety, depression, and depression at some point in my life. Someone who was going to start something and was regretting it under the guise of those who said it was not going to work. For whatever reason, someone who enjoys defeat while on the verge of victory? Someone who enjoys defeat is trying to compensate for this by losing their lives. When all else failed, there were so many occasions I felt the same before. But anyhow, luckily, I came to know about the lives of people who change their lives with positive thoughts. From that moment on, I began to address my subconscious positively. I began to wonder why I was upset by the lies. There were times I laughed when I felt that way. This is not my life. I mean, a great strength. From then on, I was naturally moved to read books and Buddhist philosophy on this positive thought or law of attraction. I was happy. I used to think that I could too. I felt that I was attracted to what I was thinking. I started to think that I would get what I wanted with great confidence. I started dreaming about things I liked from a young age, and when I got those things, I saw how I behaved. I was happy. And I got those things the same way.

For example, I wanted to be a teacher when I was a child. I started thinking that when I was a kid, I used to play with my mother’s beautiful sari and take a book and start thinking about how to teach on my way. I took a finished book and started looking at the children’s workbooks. I lived in it. Honestly, I started to thank those who rejected me, those who didn’t let go, and those who made a difference.

Do you know? I am very happy to tell you this. ‘I’m a teacher today

I got what I wanted because I was used to working according to the law of attraction. Even today, I am achieving various things in my life with this energy. At this moment, I’m taking the next step in my life.

I would like to tell you. Enjoy life. You’ll not be able to enjoy life with anxiety after thinking negative thoughts. Immediately get rid of the things that build up negative thoughts in you. Start thinking positively without any fear or doubt about everything. Think of your things, not the things of others. Thanksgiving is the best thing the universe can give us for that. I want to begin by thanking you for reading this article. Be happy about yourself. Your subconscious will give you what you believe you will get. Always stay awake with positive thinking. Then nothing will be able to defeat you.

I call this law or philosophy the divine medicine of the modern humanist who likes to be called. Today I wanted to share this article with you through the website for everyone who wants to win life.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, Universe for everything!

By Miss D. Priyanjila,


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