This is a secret.

If someone asks me what the most said word in life is, in fact, I have said the word “thank you”. But it’s a lot more than the word “thank you.” It has been written and has been told more than a hundred thousand times by 2018. There was a reason for that. When I was studying the law of attraction, I learned that the word thank you have a lot of power. After that, I got used to thanking everyone.

But I love the word “thank you” more than any other word, so I wanted to say it more. That’s why I started writing poems, essays, short stories, experiences. I often say the word “thank you” with the appreciation that comes with it. In doing so, it has become a worse problem for a lot of people.

Things like “Where do you have time?”

“Why do you do that?”

But I kept quiet because I’d get something better than them.

Start your life from scratch.

What you may not know is that if there’s a value beyond zero, I’m someone who starts life from there. I’ve been through a lot of persecution and challenges since I was a child and someone who was inspired by it. I even stopped going to school because of a prophecy, and I’m also someone who started a job and then resumed my education by the age of 13. I learned the word ‘thank you from reading more books at that time. Then I used to say thank you to everyone who interrupted, slandered, and insulted me. Because of them, I’m used to having job experience at a young age. Then I felt that I was being helped wherever I went. After a while,

I began to think that everyone I met in my life was someone who would help me. At least I used to say thank you for the bus ticket I paid for. In the most difficult times of my life, I even received help from people I never thought of and had never met before. I still meet people trying to destroy me, but I can turn it into something good and say thank you back to them. I have a very clear understanding that the universe will help me in my future endeavors.

Start from Zero

Say “Thank you” hundred and eight times.

If one can say thank you one hundred and eight times a day, It’s one hundred and eighty in ten days. It’s like a mantra when you say this word every day. We do the same thing with a yantra, which is the only sentence powered by sound waves and phonology. So the word ‘thank you can often be used to empower our subconscious. Because we aren’t saying this word in anger, we’re saying it with a small smile of happiness. And this word means we have received something. As human beings, we like to celebrate that happiness with the word “thank you” when we receive something.

But in some places, we do not say thank you. For example, if we give money and get something, we do not say thank you. Why do we get it because we gave money? But, I will say one thing that even if we buy something from innocent traders, if we get used to saying thank you, we’ll see great happiness in those faces. We can hear words like “Buddha Sarana” and “Be careful” coming naturally from their hearts at such times. We do not just get the blessings of others. It can’t be taken by force. But at such times, there is great strength in the words that are spoken spontaneously. This is what the universe is called.

be appreciated by others too.

Among all that exists in the universe, there are blessings as well as curses, abominations, condemnations, and compassion.

We do not hear the words “Oh, he’s good” when someone is talking about us, but if they say that, that is our victory. But if we live by our greatness, power, erudition, showing wealth, not in our hands, arrogance in form, power, or wealth, the world criticizes us no matter how much they say good about us. That’s human nature. The main thing that needs to be improved is our quality if we want to be a person who does not listen to reprimands.

We have two values called quality and quantity.

As human beings, we have two values called quality and quantity. In quantity, we can store a lot of things. We can gain a good house, a car, a certificate, a hundred saris, hundreds of sandals, hundreds of handbags, clothes, books, money, etc. to say that I have a lot. It’s called quantitative.

More than that, our quality values increase with things like love, kindness, thanksgiving, appreciation, help, non-insulting, non-abusive, etc. It empowers our inner aura. But anger, blaming, criticism are all emotions we all feel. There are times when these are out of control. When that happens, we may sometimes feel reluctant to put it in someone’s face. I know people like that. I’m such a person. When you ask him about it again, he says

“I do not know if I said that”. So he gets better day by day. Another person is there who scolds you when you’re absent but shows good judgment when you’re present. He gets sick day by day. The more we are corrupted by thoughts, the more we are degraded to the point of suffering from bitterness in our hearts. We are the ones who are deteriorating. This is something I know from experience. If I engage in

writing these articles, I get angry too. I feel like blaming someone. If I see a mistake, feel free to tell him. But in that time I told them it without keeping them in mind or suffering. A lot of people get angry. Then I realized again. I get used to saying thank you to them too. Then something wonderful happens. Everyone who went there will need me later.

Control your anger

“So I asked why you called me again.”

I know that you’ve never said those things, but if you say that when you are raged, I know you will do it if you ask for help. ’ I’ve heard this many times. It must have been the word thank you that day. I think the person who hated me then must have felt the same way about me because of the word thank you said by me that day.

I said all this not because of my arrogance. If I think negatively, I have had exactly 520 bad things happen to me in these forty years. If I had taken those five hundred and twenty badly, I would not be who I am today. I don’t have five hundred and twenty wins to beat those five hundred and twenty, but I have ten or twelve wins from that. That was because I was thankful for even the worst of times.

It’s wonderful to say thank you to the one who did the worst. Those are wonderful things. All bad things start to turn out to be good luck. The blessings of the universe begin to come to everything that is said and done. There is only one thing to do. Practice saying thank you for everything. You will feel as if you are on a bed of roses. Enjoy that sweetness. It’s surprisingly beautiful.

Have very good day!
Enjoy your beautiful life.


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