The universe is not a supernatural force around us or a strange miracle that gives us everything we can think of. Remember now that everything we see, including man, can be called the universe.

 If there are wonderful miracles in this world that give us what we desire, then everyone will live a happy and luxurious life. But the universe does not have such a special ability. It all depends on the activity of our subconscious mind. You must always be mindful that there are two minds, which are the subconscious mind and the ordinary mind.

Just because you are grateful for everything that universal energy can accomplish does not mean that you have access to everything because you are grateful to universal energy.

Good deeds & Bad deeds

It is a fact that we all know that we have to experience the good consequences of the good deeds we do, as well as the bad results of the bad deeds we do. Like every action we take, every word we utter has some energy, and that energy is divided into positive and negative, there is also some energy in the force that we believe to be this universal energy.

Never think of the negative things or disadvantages.

I hope you have realized that everything around us is the legacy of this great universe. There are constantly shocking positive and negative shocks in these, and there are also positive and negative shocks in humans. It is necessary to highlight the positive shocks that exist within us to achieve our life targets. This means reminding us of the positive benefits of having what we want. Never think of the negative things or disadvantages.

To highlight the positive vibrations within and around us, we must first connect to this universe. All we have to do is connect to this universe. Then we must spread compassion to this whole universe. To reach the positive rays of the universe, practice daily compassion, and practice breathing meditation.

 Thank you for everything you have at this moment.

There are so many underweight people in this world. Thank you for the body you have got.

How many people in the world are struggling to find a meal to eat? Thank you for the meal you received.

How many people are suffering from water scarcity? Thank you for the water resources you have.

First of all, thank you for what you have.  Second, be thankful for what you hope to achieve. Spreading and giving thanks to all is one of the few good ways to highlight the positive energies of the universe and ours.

Give value to what you have first, not what you don’t have.

If others have what we do not have, be happy without jealousy.

Have a positive outlook on your desired goal.

  ● You trust yourself.

  ● Focus on your purpose.

  ● Be happy with your heart to see the progress and happiness of your associates.

 ● Practice the virtue of donating by giving food to needy animals.

The much better you are, the more power you will have in this universe.

Congratulations to all!


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