So today I am going to talk about a common problem that many people have.

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 So the real question for a lot of people is whether we can trust this universe. Hence, when we find out more about this, they say what I call the law of attraction is doing things like giving thanks, positively doing all the things. But sometimes, no matter how much I do these things, I have doubts and fears about my future. I think my life will not change.

Then how can I trust this universe?

So that’s the problem a lot of people have. That’s where a lot of people are stuck.  So this is a very reasonable question. That’s why I thought I’d share some explanations with you today. So before we get into the question, we need to understand what this universe is all about.

 What exactly is the universe?

Many people think that this universe is our Milky Way, a galaxy beyond the distant solar system that includes Neptune, Pluto, Venus, and Mars, etc. But I always tell you that the universe is not only this. The universe is you and me I and we all are linked with the universe. We’re in this universe too.


Then where does this word ‘universe’ come from?

 We make that word in our minds. We hold all this in our minds. We are you and I, and we are all in this space, in this universe… then this universe is not something outside of what you and I say and that is to say. The universe is the system we live in (so this system). So many people misunderstand that this universe is something like a current from somewhere. Someone came and played this chess game like our life, and it will be dragged out of here and changed.

 Not so. All this is only in your mind… You may not know it, but the Dhamma Pada of Buddhist philosophy is mentioned in a Sutta. Mano pubbangama dhamma Mano setta manomaya

The chakrasinHuman

So, what does this all mean?

 It means that the root of everything in your mind and is the mind that becomes great. And that’s why I always tell you to be thankful… Because you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are!!

So then this universe is you. You are the universe, you are yourself. What the universe means is that it exists in your mind.

When you look at these things with understanding, you will feel, understand, and lose the fear of death. The fear of the future will disappear, and you will be able to enjoy this freedom and then you will be attracted to anything you want in life. Then you will be able to change your life as you want.

 And now there are places in this that need to be broken. That means, Is this something that will happen in the future?  Coming back over there, Is there a future? To the said question:

(Now I started this from somewhere else, but as I take this, you should slowly understand what I am saying.)

 I’m asking you now, is there such a thing as this future?


For example, let’s think like this.

Imagine you are locked in a dark room. Now you are in the dark. The light is turned on in the darkroom. The light is turned off again to indicate darkness. The light is turned off again in this way. In this way, the light is turned on for an hour and then turned off again for an hour. This process continues like this … Now you are in one place in the room watching this light come on and off.  When you are like that, you think, “Come on, the light went off 3 times. It means one day has passed, or if you think something is 1 and now 2, you make a pattern about this process. and devise some form of methodology.

 So this is what we did as we watched the light fall on the earth and made a calendar for the convenience of our lives. Because then we knew there was a calendar rather than just being there. A month called January is coming. All these things we made up. Things that created this man by himself.

Who made our  Future?

 Then this future and in Sinhala ‘Anagathaya’ are two words. That is, we call it the future and we also call it “Anagathaya” in Sinhala. These things are also formed from our calendar. It has January, February, March and so on. If it’s September, we think, “Oh, then October is coming, that’s in the future. Here are things like this being made. But what has happened is that within this system that we have built ourselves, we’re just building an illusion that there is such a thing as the future.

 It’s like we’ve been in the same place and we’ve created a pattern and we’re all based on this. (It’s happening in the same place, but you and these movements around you create a pattern and live on it.)

So many people lose their happiness at this moment, thinking that they should be happy for the future. But if you’re looking back over the years, there was no moment of happiness, only disappointment.  You must have realized by now that this is what you have to lose. So live only in this moment of life.

 So today you understand that if you look at something called the future and expect something from this universe to change something called this future, it is just a delusion and it is just a lie. So then a group can ask.


So, what is the Law of Attraction doing?

 What is happening here? Is this not something that will change the future now? Then one can ask whether the universe is a separate entity or not. So, this can be confusing for some people. So those who have such a problem should keep this in mind. You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

What kind of vibration frequency are you experiencing at the moment? This is how your life is shaped.

Remember the examples I gave you earlier here too?

Now let’s say you are in that room and that light goes on and off. Now you think I’m happy in the future. Someday. It’s okay now. Then you now understand that this is the future. This light turns on and off and turns on and off. These movements only happen around here… You in that room are the ones who think this is the future.  That means you’re in this room thinking that something will happen when that light turns on and off about 100 times.

I hope that my life will change in the future, but the message that comes from my subconscious mind with that expectation is, “This is not going to change now. It may change in the future.”

 We cannot draw a line for the future and no one can say for sure what month, what week, what hour this change will take place. But I have one thing I can tell you for sure. If you think you’re in that room at the moment, I’ll change my life now … If you think I’ll change this moment, this is the moment when your life will start to change … that moment.As you read this, you can now make a decision that I am changing my life right now.

 So, I sincerely wish all of you who have read this article and are determined to change your life.

Thank you, all of you, and dear universe.!!

Thank you.!!


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