All of the meals are edible; some were designed to be eaten, while others were created as works of art. They are freshly created, and only natural ingredients are used!

Small children do not like to eat much. Parents are effort hard to feed their children. We received a good solution to this, See the picture below, You can get a good idea for your kids.

#1 Marty From “Madagascar”

#2 Mei-Mei (Panda) From “Turning Red”

#3 Peter Rabbit

#4 Dumbo

#5 Minnie Mouse

#6 Cyborg From “Teen Titans Go!”

#7 Jafar From “Aladdin”

#8 Melman From “Madagascar”

#9 Mickey Mouse

#10 Tyrion Lannister From “Game Of Thrones”

#11 Forky From “Toy Story 4”


#12 Woody From “Toy Story”

#13 Winnie The Pooh Dressed As The Easter Bunny

#14 Krusty The Clown From “The Simpsons”

#15 Anger From “Inside Out”

#16 Queen Grimhilde From “Snow White”

#17 Patrick From “Spongebob Squarepants”

#18 Gloria From “Madagascar 3”

#19 Monkey

#20 Genie (Will Smith) From “Aladdin”

#21 Spongebob From “Spongebob Squarepants”


#22 Jessie From “Toy Story”

Full Credit: Jacob's Food Diaries

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